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i can understand, most posts i see they are basically boiled down to "whine whine, me want ui now" type posts, but i wasn't saying that, and yeah carbonite is another addon that i love to death, same goes for nui, it has everything i need to play WoW, no other ui comes even close, well not unless a download a load of addons to cover everything nUI brings to the table, i was just asking the question i sure everyone wants to ask but are to afraid to do so for fear of being attacked, and i don't overly care if i am attacked or not, but yeah, i just wanted to find out what was going on, and maybe a little progress update, cause as i said, next big patch, not far away, and still no sign of a non-alpha release of nui6. but hey we've waited this long, and will still wait, maybe not forever, but i don't see myself giving up on nUI anytime soon, unless informed otherwise.
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