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Hey all... pretty much everyone posting in this thread is near and dear to my heart... you've all been with me a very very very long time and I kinda think of you all as geek family ~smile~

So... trust me when I tell you that (a) work does continue on nUI6, albeit very slowly. There are various technical issues I'm trying to overcome that are blocking me trying to do some of the critical pieces and that's been a major issue... most especially as it relates to getting auras to (a) work the way that I want them to work, and, (b) not kill the frame rate in doing so. I would hate to tell you how many times I've written aura code and then deleted it all to try again. It's the biggest stumbling block I'm dealing with.

About two weeks ago I can to the conclusion that I was going to start trying to deal with "everything else" except auras and get all those features in place, then go from there. At least that way I can have most of the functionality I want in place and nUI6 can be more functional and nUI5 can be put to bed for good. I'd love to do that by the time that 5.4 goes live, but I don't know that I'll make that schedule. I doubt it, but I am trying.

That all said, I should point out, too, that I'm not happy with the action bar design, either, and I want to try two other methods of dealing with the unit frame data gathering, as well. I have nUI6 performance about 8x better than nUI5 performance (as per my prior post) and have solved the garbage collection problem that nUI5 had, but there are still issues... especially in 40 main raid frames.

There's still a lot of work to be done to get nUI6 to be what it is that I want it to be. But I have to realize, too, that there's a difference between getting something out there that works for the user base and being an anal OCD programmer ~grin~ I'm trying to balance that better.

nUI6 is going to happen in its time and I have no intention whatsoever of retiring it. Period.

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