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Originally Posted by Coasty View Post
I suspect that the Objectives section is needed, even if it is only for one objective as I noticed in the LUA file there were several other quests that had an Objectives section with only one objective listed.
Thank you for replying, but I have to disagree with you just on what I have quoted here.

I recently added "before and after" screenshots of what the quest watch looks like before and after the edits.

As I did these quests on a different alt, I first restored the original file so I could capture the quests as they now show up with the "nil" quest lines added. I then restored my edited version and reloaded my alt so I could capture the quests with my edited version where I deleted the objectives sections of the quests. If you look at those screenshots, you can see the quests remained in tact with just the one objective showing without need of the objective code in the addon.

After a second look however, I am pretty confident that if I left the 3rd one in which refers to the remaining objective and changed the number to "1", it would work just as well. However, that would be redundant and an unnecessary use of memory in my opinion.

So I would guess myself that an "Objectives" section may not be necessary for some quests but more helpful for other quests like those with multiple locations to go to or multiple NPCs to find.

Hopefully one of the authors will be willing to give an opinion on this.
I am not an addon author. I contribute when I can, answer questions when I am able, and post issues or ask questions now and then.

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