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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
if the first objective was the remaining one after they changed the quest yes... if it's a case they removed objective 1 & 3... then the data would be wrong.
Well, at least my belated brain cramp finally got the question right about where the coords get plugged in.

Seriously though, in this case I'm assuming that Objective 1 was the right one to keep, at least the right one for the quest "Glyph Chasing" (8309), but I'm not so sure about the quest "Breaking the Code" (8310) (I probably shouldn't have removed all those remaining Objective 1 "nil' lines).

Oh hell, it's gotten me sufficiently interested that I guess I'll just bring in a new character and go experiment a little and see for myself exactly what those "nil" lines are doing. Having Zygor's leveling guide running at the same time will make the experimenting a whole heck of a lot easier.
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