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Ok so here is what I noticed:

1) Altpower seems to work fine I got the bar under my unitframe for Kilrogg
2) The tags on the targetframe seem to work numerically but display the wrong color for the pp
3) Iron reaver's power bar stays full and with the wrong color power (e.g http://imgur.com/a/snLA4)
4) The power bar works for players/NPCs but it has an issue with bosses hence Iron Reaver,Mannoroth,Kilrogg issue
5) Council fights like Conclave of Wind and Omnotron Defense System show the correct color for the power bar but the wrong color for the tag and they also seem to always be full iirc.
6) This all occurred after the change i had to make to the tag in order to get it to work for IR,Mannoroth etc
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