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Originally Posted by Gho123 View Post
The latest version from 8/23 is giving me tons of messages to the effect of "Carbonite Debug title <various things here> does not match."


Carbonite Debug title Tooth and Claw does not match
Carbonite Debug title Slay Them All! does not match
Carbonite Debug title City Under Siege does not match

It is continuously doing this.

I'm reverting to the 8/17 version and will wait for another update.
Of the quests you listed here, "Slay them All" interestingly enough isn't in the Carbonite database. I looked at the other 2 and double checked them with Wowhead, and the information in the database matches what they have.

However, you aren't the only one who has seen these messages. A similar message was posted in the issues section of Github by someone questing on a level 40 something alt.

Rythal responded by explaining that it is part of his debugging trying to find the cause. Beyond that, as long as you can complete the quests and there are no errors popping up, the latest version as of approximately 11 hours prior to this reply should be just fine.

When I log on later, I'll see if I get any of these messages as well.
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