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remove taint/color DropDownList


I was replacing the texture of the UI-Tooltips with a matt dark texture.

It is possible to replace the texture in Interface/Tooltips/UI-Tooltip-Background folder,
but theres still the blue color background for some frames: example.

Is there any simple solution to get rid of the blue taint/color issue of these frames?

I think it comes from this.

Blizz-Code: Here

Most addons will create a new Dropmenu(Lib) but I would like to just clean up the default texture if this is even possible without making a huge mess.

I would use addons for it too but I couldn't fine one that is only skinning these frames.


In WoW/Interface/Tooltips are 4 Background files:

8.3.0 (33051)
8.2.0 (30920)
8.3.0 (33051)

The first one will change the Tooltip-Background for most frames.

I couldn't find anything that is related to the other 3.

The issue is that the UI-Tooltip-Background Texture is working for everything but some options will apply different colors to it.

Is there any way to get rid of the colors, I was looking for a code but I cant find anything related.

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