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Druid macros, timers, and stack counts


Let me first say thank you for the amazing GUI. By far the best around. Everything needed is in one place. However, I have recently dual-specced my kitty to a bear. With this I mad some macros to make tanking easier one such macro is:

#showtooltip Mangle (Bear)
/cast Mangle (Bear)()
/cast !Maul

This is set to keep maul always queued so I don't have to remember to queue it. The problem is it will display the cooldown left on mangle but not the debuff duration. Another issue I am finding is with my Lacerate macro. It is made the same way. Since Lacerate does not have a cooldown nothing is displayed (stack count, or debuff.) Also with Lacerate would it be possible to have the action bar display both the stack count and debuff at the same time? Or are these disadvantages of the macros? Thanks!