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Maybe Brillynt will stop by here and help if Scott cant

I have installed B's plugin for Grid and was setting it all up and ran into a problem whereby the little indicators in the corner will not show up. I resized the grid boxes bigger to fill the info panel and the text indicators for "Side Text" work fine (side, top and bottom) but the little corner squares and the curse/poison center icon wont show up. Seems anything icon based isn't showing while anything text based will work.

I just had a thought to turn nui off, configure grid, turn nui back on and see if that helps but of course...its Tuesday so that idea has to wait. Any other things I should know about info panel perhaps affecting those indicators?

Very happy with framerate last night in naxx - had a chance to use both the hunter and the druid and never dropped below 45 which is fantastic. Have worked around somewhat the Nostromo bar problem and am still wedded to Autobar rather than having all my potions and foods and flasks, traps, stings, mounts, quest items and crap on buttons on my screen but Autobar seems to be playing just fine with nui so very happy so far. All I have to remember is to reset power auras - totally forgot and was lost without all my little glowies reminding me to do stuff.

Soon as I can get to the bank and put some money in my paypal bank acct i'll post some to you, great work here.

ah bugger, my sleep fogged eyes had that red thing as a question mark not a thumbs down, sorry lol

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