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The placement of elements in the UI seems totally random. Alignment and spacing are wildly inconsistent. No two elements have the same amount of space between them, and no edge of anything lines up with anything else.

Your minimap border looks strange and doesn't match anything else. The minimap header seems to have gotten shifted to the left for no apparent reason.

Having unit frames so far away from each other does not seem very efficient, as you will constantly have to shift your visual focus, or lose track of your own health. Same for the focus frame -- if it's not near where you are looking, you have to remember to shift your gaze to check on it, or just forget about it entirely, in which case it's kind of pointless to have it at all.

As a hunter, you don't really need raid frames at all, but you certainly don't need such enormous raid frames right in the middle of the screen. Shrink them down, move them off to the side (the bottom right corner area seems open), and then center your action bars.

Rather than forcibly hiding the quest tracker, I'd suggest just minimizing it by clicking the small arrow button at the top, and/or turning off auto-tracking in the game's Objectives options. Both of these methods would keep the tracker from taking up space, but would not prevent you (or users) from tracking things when desired without wading through MoveAnything's options. Either way, if there is no visible quest tracker, why is there still space for it in the upper right corner? Rather than having a chat box that wraps lines after 2 words, why not make the chat box wider so it fills up that space to the right?

Xperl seems like a strange choice for someone with vision issues. I don't use bifocals, but I do have quite a strong prescription and moderate astigmatism, and I can't imagine that those cluttered frames with mottled textures are optimal for visibility for you (or anyone else). Even if you like the look (personally, I think it's quite hideous) I'd highly recommend that you change the bar texture to something less swirly so the text is more readable.
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