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Originally Posted by solson8691 View Post
Boy, you really know how to make a new uploader feel bad.
Posting something for review (your words were "Helpful comments and thoughtful questions would be most appreciated") and getting upset at an analysis seems...odd. Rarely does one get accolades when one asks for 'helpful comments' as this is generally interpreted as "please tell me what's wrong with it and why so that I can improve it, or at least defend the decisions made." And when it comes to UI design, you will find more people who dislike anything you produce than those that like it, since rarely to objects of that size meet the needs of a a sufficient number of people.

If something "works for you" then don't upload it; if you upload it for others, it will be evaluated quite appropriately relative to the needs and sensibilities of others. I've coded my own unit frames, HUD, UI base, imbedded functions, map, pet/mount controls, seed/farming tools, and way, way too many many other things to list. It's all compact and unbloated and tailored to my needs and esthetically pleasing. It will never get uploaded anywhere simply because it's highly unlikely it'd work for anyone else, and few would waste a moment telling me so.

You should take Phanx's critique to heart as nothing in there is unreasonable and I'd dare say it's quite common in terms of what users would say. It was also brief, as there's a lot more that could be constructively critiqued.

Embrace constructive criticism and critical analysis: it's not meant to soothe your ego, it's meant to provide a better product for users which, as an author, should be your central goal (unless you were just posting to stroke your ego).
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