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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post

<the reason people miss buffs in raids and players don't respond to raidchat>

o dear....... phanx you don't honestly play like that do you?

Anyhow, jokes aside, that is a very good example of a very bad interface, there's no way to see what your doing besides on a small area on your screen, this ofc also means that you can't function in groups/raids the way you could do if you make sure you can see whats happening around you.

Olson, there's 2 things you should need to keep in mind when building an UI:

1) have all the need to know info at a spot where you can see it at a glance, as said earlier, you should have a spot on your screen where there's your unitframes/threathmeter/chat/etc that you can turn your head to see the info within seconds without needing to look at different parts of the monitor.

2) make sure you have lots of free room on your screen so you can see whats happening around you and act to it a lot quicker. The screenshot from phanx is a really really bad example of an UI, haven't seen one of those in years here , but he makes a good point with it, albeit a bit off-topic as your screen is less cluttered
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