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As there are so many players who needs Carbonite, using it daily, I think there will be some able to develop it, I hope there will be many, so to have time to take care of the modules, not ending to have the whole weight on their shoulders like you had, Rythal.

Other addons are being developed this way (e.g. Auctioneer have a nice crew which works on the modules).
Maybe asking to Norganna's devs if they like to take care of the whole thing, so to have the time to develop what you prefer, or just to remain as the project leader.

Finally, a donation is a donation, not a payment for some service: it's always done for the time one enjoyed the Carbonite. Not to be guilty, then, about that.

If you feel guilty about to leave things to "the community", I can suggest a cure: search for a dev-team who can take care of the addon. That will be the very best gift you can do us, the community.
If you like to, not a must.

All apart, I'm happy you choose for your time, life and freedom as they're what it counts.

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