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Originally Posted by semlar View Post
...first things I would check are MiniRack and your MouseUI.
I thought I'd mentioned this already, but I'll expound on it.

I've spent, over the expansions/years this has cropped up, more hours than I want to admit to trying to isolate this but it is grossly intermittent. The only addons that I can absolutely say, due to the number of hours used in isolation, do not cause it are: MouseUI, Dominos, Fortress, BugSack/-Grabber.

Given the number of addons changed from first-sighting till today, I can say the Italicized in the list above are unlikely culprits, with the caveat that they might be built on ideas of the addons they replaced and/or create a similar influence themselves.

Minirack is a the scaled-back version of ItemRack to just do the flyouts for the character-frame, it doesn't use GameTooltip. MouseUI is my own code (with some fragmentary repurposing from discontinued addons) and I've a) reviewed every interaction with GameTooltip countless times and b) used it enough with the above-mentioned small number of addons to have high-confidence that it isn't a source in whatever is happening. It does absolutely nothing with item tooltips and all interactions are at the API level (:ClearLines(); :AddLine(), etc). Also, it only interacts with GameTooltip with its own objects, not items, etc.

Note that the updates from multiple addons (Pawn, AuctionLite, etc) are obscured by the sell-price is intact, and yet game-supplied stat data is also missing and the font-sizes have changed, almost like it's using an incorrect display mask (i.e., using pet-tooltip logic to display item-data) -- which might imply that the addons supplying the missing data aren't being triggered.

In the originating post, I asked if there was a way to reset GameTooltip or interrogate/inspect it because I've done the due-diligence in problem isolation and source identification.
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