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Hi again Beladona.

I've been using your extension for about a week now, and I have to say it's just the ticket for me DW makes a great all-round text or script editor (I do still use it for web stuff occasionally, but less so these days). I may well check out v8 - the old CSS stuff was 'usable' at best, and I'd be interested to see what they've done with it. To be honest, I never used the true features of DW (all the drag-and-drop and design mode HTML authoring) - I'm a coder first and foremost, and most of work used to be in the source view. And, I absolutely hate the code/HTML DW produces - call me sad, but I like nicely indented code, even in HTML - and that means tabs, not spaces for a start

OOops wandering off topic there! Anyhow, a big thank you from me for this great extension.

On a side note, do you need/want any help with the code hints side of things? I haven't done any DW-specific coding/customisation, but would be happy to help wherever I can.


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