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Probably a good recommendation there

I have to admit, most of my DW drag-and-drop experience is based on good old UltraDev, and the first MX version. Ultradev used to drop things in the wrong place, or drop them before you'd released the button which was annoying! Macromedia build their software using JavaScript by the looks of things, and it really doesn't handle certain Windows situations very well (it was never meant for true App development). Updating pages and the site window when window focus changes is a big no-no (updating *anything* on focus change is generally frowned upon, as it brings it's own set of problems - and it goes against the 'windows logo' guidelines for usability).

I think my experience was soured a bit by using UltraDev originally - but DW has certainly come a long way since then It's definitely a good all-round code editor, and one of the great things is how well it handles large files - DW will happily open files that would choke other text editors (data files, etc.), and I've used it lots for that reason in the past.

I actually wish I was still doing web stuff, then I would have justification for checking out DW8 - I'm intrigued by the CSS improvements, since CSS is a bit of beast, and getting an idea of 'best practice' is quite difficult (found lots of different ideas on that). Unfortunately if I did get it, it wouldn't be used to it's fullest.

Ooops I'm dragging your thread off-topic again, sorry
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