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Hi, before WotLK i use to have multiple Addons and came to loving them, then the Pre-WotLK pacth came, my computer messed up down loading it, this(of course) messed up my computer, causing it to delete W.O.W. about five times... After that, i manually deleted W.O.W., and then re-downloaded it. Now, there is NO LONGER a World of Warcraft Folder, instead World of Warcraft.Temp, i have looked thru all of the folders i this folder, and in the Blizzard folder, and ive even ran scans for folders remotly similar but came up with nothing.... I have looked it up and found almost no one witht he same problem(well, i found one in my guiild...but his solution is to use Curse downloader which-like every thing else-freaks out my computer). If any one here has ehard of this problem or has a solution PLEASE respond or send me a E-mail!
(P.S.-i have windows Vista/PC if it helps.........)
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