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I agree

This was a fantastic addon, and a wonderful idea. Nothing I have seen takes into account CD, range, and mana/energy/rage/runic power when determining whether or not an icon should appear.. which is quite helpful in many cases.

Tellmewhen is a fine addon, and many (including myself) have used it to try to "fill the void" left by readyspells... but it's just not the same. I tend to use Tellmewhen more as a tracker of longer CDs.

As far as the issues, many of the new spells (particularly things that operate off of procs) are not included or do not work correctly. You would have to ask someone else on more of the specifics. Furthermore, I have tried in vain to get this addon to work for my DK. After attempting to edit the .lua time and time again I just can't seem to get it to work.

I have not got my DK past lvl 58 simply because I depend so much on this addon. The ability to know exacly when the CD of, say, deathgrip is done AND letting you know simultaneously when you are in range of a target is fantastic in improving my reaction time. The problem is compounded when we take into account either using a rune or runic power.. such as strangulate or summon gargoyle. Checking for CD, range, and then to see if I have either the rune or the runic power to use it simply slows me down (and I have to look in several places).

I find this addon presents the info I want to know at any given moment as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to boot doesn't eat up all of my screen space. It was able to replace several of my addons and do even a bit more... hell, it even worked as a single target dot/hot tracker. As you can see, in my eyes this is the definition of a "must have" addon; after using it I simply refuse to play without it.

If anyone is looking for an addon to update, I would suggest Readyspells. Even as it was, (not being as user-friendly as it could have been) it still has quite a few die hard fans out there like myself.

With an update and a simple menu to determine settings I think this would be an extremely popular addon.

... I simply wish I knew enough about creating an addon so I could do it myself.
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