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Originally Posted by Paantheaus View Post
I cheated and found a BLP viewer to check out the images. Would it be easier to use the transparent skin as a "base of operations" since it doesn't seem to repeat the background for top and bottom?
It should be fine... I've not looked at the code (that's not one of my skins) so I'm not sure how the author implemented it. But it works, so as long as they didn't break the bar behavior, it should be all good.

1. Have you ever thought of overlaying QuestHelper's waypoints and coords onto the map in the bottom right corner? It works on the minimap as of right now. Obviously, I have absolutely no idea how much time it would take to get this to work or even if you could (setting aside QuestHelper's apparent mothball status moving forward).
I'm not sure what's going to happen there. Gonna wait and see. I've often thought it should integrate the battleground map. I don't think I could do it via nUI though... unless it truly is abandoned and I get stupid enough to pick it up (which I doubt) I don't know if it would happen -- it pretty much would have to be done inside of QH.

2. I play on a 24" intel imac and switching from full screen to windowed mode (and vice versa) throws the UI completely out of whack. I'm getting white blocks where the various elements of the UI should be. Simply reloading the UI after switching screen modes fixes the problem (and honestly isn't that big of a deal), but I was wondering if there was any permanent fix. From what I've read, it appears to be a video card issue specifically with macs but I don't know that for a fact.
This is a known bug in Blizzard's video driver code that randomly affects custom textures on certain video cards. It's documented in the patch notes for nUI if you want all the painful detail. Bottom line... avoid switching modes and '/nui rl' is your friend when you must.

I play in full screen windows mode full time unless I'm in a raid, in which case I'll switch to non-windowed mode and stay there the whole raid. If you're on a Windows box, the "Windows" key will drop you out of WoW and into Windows even when you aren't windowed and without breaking the textures.

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