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While I did mention Cairenn, Shirik, and Tristinian specifically, the grateful theme of the post was directed at the whole team of site mods. I don't want anyone to feel underappreciated just because I didn't mention them by name. The idea in mentioning the three I did was that with the release of Minion, a lot of the negative feedback about Minion has been pointed at them, especially Shirik. I know when I work on something and use my time, talents, and tenacity they way Shirik did to get something workable on the table, I don't want to hear the first word of wanton negative input from anyone, and when I do, I feel quickly defeated. I have the bad habit of wearing my heart on my sleeve, and I know if I received all the gross negativity Minion and the WoWI community seems to be, I'd be hurt! So, I wanted to make sure that those three specifically knew they included in the list of targets of my AoE encouragement.

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Just a few more years 'til 40, unmarried, and quit drinking 6 years ago. I'm doomed to a life with my dogs and WoWI (don't you feel lucky?).
You know, I think there is no love more consistent and less tumultuous than that shared between a man and his pup. You've made it as far as you have in life, and I think that deserves a sense of pride. I wish you all the best on your birthday! I wish for you a new frisby with which you can play with your dogs. ^^

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