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Learning LUA

Im trying to get into the addon game so to speak.

For starters im skipping the interface design. It jsut takes more brain power than i have to devote right now to go through reams and ream and reams of code that si far to similar to html tables than I like.

What I would like to do for a starter. To get my feet wet. Is take some macros I made up in game that i use alot and turn them into / commands via an addon.

So lets take something real simple

/say Stop laying down on the job %T
/cast Ressurection(Rank 1)

This obviously says the line then casts ressurection on my target.

So what I'd like to do is turn something like this into a / command

For example


and Poof it access the lua which in turns sends the message and then rezes my current target.

Ive got some basic Idea. But Im wondering if anyone can provide a little lesson or a link to a tutorial that might detail how to go about this?

Thank in advance
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