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Originally Posted by spiel2001 View Post
If you would, post a screen shot of the HP bars being shoved off the bottom of the screen... I'm guessing they're Blizzard health bars that you shouldn't be seeing at all, but need to see them to be sure. If you reply to this message, just scroll down the reply page and you'll find a "Manage Attachments" button you can click to upload the screen shot directly to this thread.
Yeah, they are blizz default healthbars. They are different then the "normal" ones as they represent the "health" of the enemy ship. They seem to be hooked to the mini map. (Blizz sure loves that minimap these days)

The look like the elite unit frame tho, I haven't seen them everytime I did the fight (AFAIK, busy killing things y'know).

No screenshot but a tube

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