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Awsome answers and quick!

I'll do my best to get the 2 screen shots. I don't think the Proffesor Putricide attempts remaining is a battle ground text but I'll check it out tonight w/ the movers. If not I will post a screen shot.

7. An easy way to move an individual action bar to wherever you wanted would be nice.

Ummm... okay... again...

/nui movers

Enables and disables moving the standard Blizzard UI frames such as tooltips, durability, quest timer, quest tracker, PvP objectives, etc.
Sorry I asked the wrong question. I ment move one individual button or portion of a bar. I guess this stems from the problem that some of the easiest abilities to click are already keybound. If i could swap the side action bars and action bar 1 it would be ok too, but they are the wrong shape. I guess if i ask the wrong question i get the wrong answer