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Originally Posted by arkady25 View Post
I'm new to nUI so some of these problems/suggestions/pet peeves might be answered somewhere else or fixed in the most recent version (just installed tonight). Overall I love the addon

1. Proffesor Putricide - attmepts remaining runs off screen
2. Gun Ship Battle - HP bars of the boats get shoved off screen below the mini map. The hud doesn't change while mounted in a gun so displays useless info like your hp/mp instead of heat charges. It does show your gun as a 'pet'. So really tiny and kinda anyoing to keep an eye on while watching other stuff.
Hmm - I see heat as my pet's energy building up in the HUD - since i just pay attention that I don't have any issues.

3. Flame Laviathan - After dismounting hot keys get messed up and macros don't work. (might be a boomkin problem)
This is a documented problem with hotkeys randomly losing themselves at times.

4. Chat bars - In order to have enough chat to make it useful the font needs to be set at microscopic. 2 fixes i've found, A) Increase the font size so you only see about 3 lines. B) Enlarge the font box vertically to cover up all your buffs. Please make the chat screen wider.
The layout that is there limits the size of the chat window. Don't like it, get Prat. or make another chat window that you can freely float and make whatever size you want. Either way, making the chat window bigger would throw off the layout the author has designed.

Remember - he's designing this for himself and sharing with us and he fixes bugs. You're welcome to create your own UI to your own specs and share it with others if ya like!

5. Target debuffs/castbar/lattency - Please have a quartz like option. The bar system quartz uses is easier to view at a glance, the lattency cast bar is easier seen in prefferal vision. I feel i need to stare at this tiny blue lattency bar with a 28in monitor.
Don't know what to say to you - I watch the cast bar (my main is a warlock) and the blue is there. If I'm having to move, obviously I'm not having to watch my cast bar. Since the cast bar is in the lower middle of the screen, I see anything important that I need to see while standing and casting.

6. Fading out abilities. Please have an option to turn this off. Some abilities are being faded out even though they are usuable. Best example of this would be druids battle res w/ glyph will shadow it out because it "needs" a reagent.
Can't say I've noticed this really. I do see the cast bar with durations on them darken, but as a lock, that's just showing me the duration of DoTs.

7. An easy way to move an individual action bar to wherever you wanted would be nice.
Won't happen (at least in nUI 5.x) - the author uses Blizzards action bars and implements them into the layout he's chosen to have.

8. Raid frames. It would be nice to have all the raid frames together and the map somewhere else (disabled maybe) while in groups. The current layout for the raid frames takes up more space to click between than the standard blizzard frames. It would also be nice if debuffs could be bigger, or maybe just specific ones like penetrating cold or the saurfang debuff.
The raid frames are being revamped in nUI6. You can always use grid/healbot/vuhdo for raid frames elsewhere on the screen, laid out to your own criteria.

9. The bar at the top. Many times i have clicked up there to try and target a mob only to get my achievement panel in my face instead. Is it possible to have that as a pull out side bar similiar to what there is for auctioneer or maybe the same as the minimap button bag.
If you read the docs/faq/searched these forums, you would find the commands to turn it off or make it on mouseover. There's even a plugin that will do them for you.

10. Changing rep bars small pet peeve here. If you have a bar that is say 3/4 full and change to a bar that is 1/2 full the missing quarter will look "burned" into your screen.

11. A place for debuffs. There might be somewhere i'm not looking. It seems that debuffs are only shown on your postage stamp sized portriat or with a HUD up. It would be nice to not have to have a HUD up to see if i get a curse of blow up the raid in 10sec.
Deadly boss mods ftw

12. Simple Hud. I kinda love it. Do the bars mean anything? It would be nice if the bars were of you MP/Rage/Energy on the left and bosses MP/Rage/Energy on the right since HP is already shown with the pointers.
Dunno if nUI 6 will allow the customizing of the info in the HUD. Again, the UI was written for the author himself and displays what he feels is important to him

13. Group sort seems broken. On this point also priest spell Prayer of Healing heals an entire party. It would be nice to easily see all 5 players in a group in some organised fashion. It seems even if raid sort worked it would still show groups of 4 not 5 as would be ideal.
Can't say I've noticed this. I have my groups sorted by number and everyone shows in order on my screen when in raids.

P.S. Sorry for the wall of text. Still love the addon. Would love to see it get better
Glad you do! Just wait til you see v6