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Exclamation "Quest not in database"

I have been having a problem, pretty much ever since Cata came out, and any WoW patches since that have introduced new quests. I am getting a "Quest not in database" notification on 99 out of 100 quests it seems - ESPECIALLY on 'chained' quests. It has gotten to the point where I have ultimately had to DISABLE Carbonite, in order to do ANY questing at all.

Now, here is what I have done, in trying to fix this (and I have done them repeatedly, in hopes of getting this solved) - 1.)DELETE ALL Carbonite folders entirely from my Addons folder, then re-install with the LATEST downloads available from www.carboniteaddon.com/download.shtml, making sure my installation path is correct, and verifying it after installation; 2.) when step 1.) didn't fix the problem, DELETE the Carbonite.lua file from the WTF folder AND perform step 1.) again.

I have even gone as far as using the wow repair program, and un-installing WoW completely, then doing a totally clean install of EVERYTHING, several times, with no luck either. I am at the point where I do not know if this is just a Carbonite issue, or a WoW issue, or some combination of both...

Except for this "Quest not in database" issue, EVERYTHING ELSE works perfectly!

I keep having this problem, and am at wits end trying to correct this. I LOVE Carbonite, and miss not being able to use it! I hope someone has a suggestion or answer that will work. Thanks!

Oh, and PLEASE don't just tell me to post each 'missing' quest ONE AT A TIME. After having compiled over 12 pages, front & back of the quests coming up as 'not in database', I would spend a lifetime trying to 'report' them individually.