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Action Sequence & Trigger Bug?

Hey Meorawr, I was just trying out the latest version (Alpha 13, I believe) and I'm having some difficulty getting a second sequence to perform a second change to the aura's appearance.

I have an aura set to display white at a high target health % (activation), and I can successfully trigger it to turn red at a lower health % (trigger 1, sequence 1), but if I try to make it change again to black (trigger 2, sequence 2), it doesn't work.

Here's what I did:

1) Create second sequence, 2) create trigger 2 for very low target health %, 3) Set Trigger operator to "1&2", since it would read the target health as being below both thresholds, 4) Set color change on Sequence 2 to black.

I've also tried by just using the operator "2" and it doesn't work. Is this an issue of needing to stack the sequences differently? I know you mentioned they work in ascending order earlier in the thread.

Likewise, I'd ideally have the color change animations occur as fades from one to another. Is that possible yet or planned for the future?

Edit: Re-ordering the sequences fixed it. Personally, I feel like descending order makes more sense because in this case I had to work backwards chronologically through the events, but either way, it would be good to include how that works when the tutorials get included. Let me know if you need feedback/want help with those!

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