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There's a few problems with non-90 degree rotations. One is an API limitation, one is because of how WoW internally handles icons.

From the API point, SetRotation doesn't accept non-90 degree values. The reason is probably because of the next problem - this point doesn't really affect us either as we use another function for rotation which allows any value to be passed.

From the icon point, the game maps all item/spell/ability icons onto a large texture at runtime. The issue with that is when the degrees aren't a multiple of 90, you'll see the icons mapped besides the current one sort of 'bleed' into the texture.

While that problem won't necessarily affect textures that aren't icons, it's not really worth it for us to add the code to check if this is the case (and with textures being dynamic in some cases, we'd have to decide what'd happen if an icon was used when the texture was already rotated 60 degrees).

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