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Can't use ingame textures wowhead id number

When using the ingame texture, say for inquisition, on the screen when I open the editor or even the first time I log on, the symbol is actually just a big W, the symbol for WoW.

I then have to go attack a target and cast the actual spell inquisition before it shows me the actual inquisition texture. I suppose it's not a huge deal but when you have alot of auras it's hard to work with a bunch of W's when trying to situate your overall UI.

I guess I'd prefer seeing the actual textures, if that's possible, but naming the textures so as to correspond correctly is just as easy. I'm more of a visual person so I like to see the actual texture and not a W even though the editor clearly labels it as inquisition.

Maybe I myself am missing something, is that intended, or will it be changed in the future?

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