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Originally Posted by Stabilo View Post
Not sure if this has been addressed, but a simple bug that has gone through a few alphas and to the beta:

When applying an activation trigger for a display, going to "Matches", typing in for example which self-buff it should activate on, the Cancel/Apply buttons seem reversed. And when I say reversed, I mean behave weirdly. Sometimes the buff name won't stick unless you click Cancel, sometimes both work as "apply". The "Cancel" -button has never worked for actually cancelling any changes you make.
Took a look, seems to just be a display bug - if I change a setting, hit cancel and go back in then I see it, but if I make a change, hit cancel, and go to Style and then back to Activation the settings are still the same as they should be.

Originally Posted by Dulci View Post
Thank you for your hard work on this. I've got PowerAuras 5.0 Beta 1, but it looks like "Is Mine" isn't working? It's showing my auras based on other's spells. I've disabled all other addons.
Taking a look.

Edit: Fixed both of those bugs. Not fully tested the fix for the second, but the logic on that check was definitely broken and giving unintended results.

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