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Originally Posted by Daveo77 View Post
MoP patched version of this addon has been uploaded.

See here > http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21509.html
Thanks very much for making the patch.

I guess there still must be some issues with the plugin as, even with your patched version, the display bar for it is still not showing up on screen. The only difference I'm seeing is that with your patches the plugin specific LUA errors disappeared. Do I need to issue a nUI command to have the screen display for the plugin turned on, if so what would it be? Come to think of it, did the latest version of nUI have some changes in the configuration options that might account for it not displaying on the screen?

I did notice that once I applied your patch a bunch of nUI non-harmful LUA errors, showed up that I wasn't seeing yesterday. Something about combat lockout if I remember right.

I saw UrbanArmitage's post about the plugin working for him with non-harmful nUI LUA errors, post patch 5.04, but I have no clue why it's working for him, but not for me. I'm making an uneducated WAG that the reason is due to nUI configuration differences between his system and mine.

As you can probably tell, I'm not very conversant with this stuff. I don't get along so well with C++ derivative languages.

Oh boy, am I ever looking forward to an official beta release of nUI v6.xxx!

I just thought of something. Could something have caused the plugins display bar to get moved off-screen, or even moved low enough so that it's hidden by the nUI UI display? If so, any ideas how I can check for that and, if so, move it to make it visible again? I tried using 'Movers' but didn't find anything for the plugin showing up on-screen.
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