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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
The infopanel frame is never moved outside of nUIs control. Or shouldn't be. nUI positions its elements. All an infopanel addon does is place another frame holding information into the infopanel container.

Try renaming your wtf folder and see what happens when you log back in. Just in case somehow your wtf file for nUI has been messed up.

Have you still got some addons activated that have not been patched for 5.0.4 yet ? Just in case there is a compatibility issue.
I followed your suggestions, plus just deleting only the nUI files in the WTF folder.

First, I deleted just all ofl the nUI files in the WTF folder so they'd be recreated from scratch. The Professions infopanel was not displayed.

Second, I renamed the WTF folder and let WoW recreate all of the folder contents from scratch. As above the Profession infopanel was not displayed.

Lastly, using the WoW recreated WTF folder, I disabled all plugins except nUI. As above the Professions infopanel was not displayed.

So, after all of that I restored my original WTF folder (not wanting to have to re-configure everything). Except for Armory and RhadaTip (which I have turned off until they're updated) all of the major plugins I have installed are updated for 5.04. The only exceptions to this are a couple of data-broker plugins used with Bazooka or ones that only add data to WoW info-tips. Needless to say they all worked together just fine before 5.04.

However, after going back to my original WTF folder I took a much closer look at the LUA generated at initial logon.

The first thing I saw is that there were a bunch of nUI errors specific to the bag bar and combat lockdown, no big deal as, SFAIK, that's a known problem which Scott is working on.

Buried in the LUA error panel were seven errors related to the Professions infopanel:

1. ..UI_InfoPanel_Profesions\nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions.lua line 61:
attempt to call global 'Profesions_CreateFrame' (a nil value)
This particular error occurs a total of 3 separate times.
2. .\AddOns\nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions\Profesions.lua line 330:
'=' expected near 'end'
3. ..\AddOns\nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions\Profesions.lua line 329:
unexpected symbol near '<'
4. ..\AddOns\nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions\Profesions.lua line 330:
'<eof>' expected near 'end'
5. .rface\AddOns\nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions\Profesions.lua line 274:
attempt to call global 'GetNumRaidMembers' (a nil value)

These 7 LUA errors relating specifically to the Professions infopanel plugin are repeatable at each initial login. If needed I can get a complete copy of each error. Error number 1 above probably accounts for the Profession plugin infopanel not being displayed.

After my own feeble non-working attempts to get rid of the 'GetNumRaidMembers' stuff memory tells me the errors relating to lines 329-330 are related to my removing 'GetNumRaidMembers' lines. I have no idea how to fix the lines 329-330 errors.

I hope that's enough info to help in figuring out how to fix the problem.
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