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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
hmm, not sure whats happening for you but works perfectly fine for me. As you can see. No errors and I have the built in errors turned on.

Also the error messages you reported are listing lines that do not have any source code on which also seems to infer that you may still have an old copy installed.
Heh, could of sworn I applied the patch. Looked at Interface/Game/Help and saw Display LUA Errors was turned off. Have no idea how that happened and wondered why I was still seeing the LUA errors being displayed. Anyway I turned that back on.

OK, I went back to Dave's post and downloaded it again (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info21509.html), deleted the folder for the plugin and manually copied the folder from Dave's patch back into Interface/Addons. Then I logged in. Once again I got the LUA errors I mentioned. The first error I found was:

UI_InfoPanel_Profesions\nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions.lua line 61:
attempt to call global 'Profesions_CreateFrame' (a nil value)

So I went to nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions.lua, looked at line 61 and saw this:

Profesions_CreateFrame(); -- FORCE INIT

From what you said I gather that's supposed to be a blank line, except it isn't, and I'm still getting those 7 LUA errors I reported. So, what the heck, I tried remarking out line 61, but found that immediately busted the plugin so I undid that change.

Which leads me to ask, ummm, Dave07 when you re-upped the patch to fix the TOC did you accidentally use the un-patched original files for v002 of the patch instead of the patched files?? I ask because I definitely have v002 of the patch installed. That's the only explanation I can think of.

Anyhoo... As it is, even with the LUA errors, at least now the plugin is working so the world is right...

Other than that, I'm not sure what the hell is going on as I also noticed another anomaly. For some strange reason the LUA Error Display still throws an error for a file line entry in an Interface/Addons/TenTonHammer folder, except the folder and file doesn't exist as I deleted anything to do with Playerscore/Gearscore immediately after patch 5.04. So how in hell does WoW throw a line entry error for a non-existent folder and file!!!! Gotta love computers...

Ahem... Just noticed and wondered why I didn't see it before this... Profesions = Professions... Sorry, couldn't resist...
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