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Current Plans For Carbonite

Here is my current plans for the code, in order of priority.

Immediate - 1) Update 5.041 GPL with my 5.05 changes.

1) Separate purely the maps into it's own addon "Carbonite Maps" to be the base starting point of all future
2) Change Carbonite Maps to Use AceDB w/ Profiles, and AceOptions
3) Change Carbonite Maps to Use AceLocale, update every part of the maps to be locale friendly.
4) Celebrate cuz were on our way with a modular Carbonite.

1) Convert all the quests to plain english from the bytecode
2) Make it easier to add/remove/fix quests, converting it to plain english will make it huge ... possibly larger
then the original carbonite we got (35000 quests, 4-5 lines each quest...) maybe split them up in a
subfolder by zone? continent? patch level?
3) get the new quests added
4) Celebrate, cuz this is the test of modularization to it's fullest... we get to this point the rest is smooth sailing.