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Originally Posted by Donslaught View Post
First of all Gethe, you're amazing.

Now on to my thoughts. I was thinking about Lady Pickle's predicament and wonder how important Target of Target (ToT) is to certain roles. I could see it being more important for Healers or maybe even Tanks, but for DPS it's less important and most of the time unnecessary. Is there a way we can replace the ToT frame with the Focus frame and put the pet frame in its place?

As an additional thought, is there a way to have different frame positions, maybe on a switch between PvE (partying, raiding) and PvP (BGs, Arenas)?

Just some thoughts.
This might work, but there are additional things that need to change for it to be smooth.

A PvP layout is possible, though since I don't PvP I wouldn't know where the frames would be best placed.

Originally Posted by Warzdak View Post
Hey there, I'm sorry to hear about Nib, get well soon! just recently came back to the game. Before I quit playing I was using RealUI. What issues am I going to come across when I install a clean version of RealUI? Will I need to make some adjustments, if so, is it something that a person who hasn't messed with this UI stuff in a while may have trouble doing or is it fairly simple?
For a fresh install, you shouldn't have any issues to contend with as long as you follow the README. If you do, please let me know.

Originally Posted by Pusikas View Post
Speech Bubbles seem to be bugged for me, at least in instances. Our healer usually says stuff about the dispells and CDs he uses in /p. And in the speech bubbles, his name is substituted for some mob's name, most of the time.
Thats odd, do you have any screenshots? Are there any errors (red bag on the minimap)?
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