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Originally Posted by Be3f. View Post
Aurora changes the speech bubbles. You could try updating it.

@ Gethe - Will you also be maintaining some of the nibaddons?

and get well soon Nib!
To be honest I barely have the time for RealUI between in game stuff (raids, dailies, etc.) and irl stuff (work). Though when things start to calm down ill consider picking up some of nib's more popular addons, most likely starting with those that are included in RealUI

Originally Posted by Anj View Post
Thanks Nib, Gethe... just letting you know that I leveled a Monk to 90, mostly used RealUI for it too.
Cool! Did you notice whether your Chi was displaying properly?

Originally Posted by MarcusQuinn View Post
Originally Posted by Treakon View Post

I seem to miss the right side of the IceHud bars to track my dots, suggestions on how i can solve this?

Sorry if it has been asked before.
Having this problem too and I can't get /IceHUD to work or get to any sort of in-game configuration for it.
try /icehud (lowercase) Once you get to the options, check Profiles and make sure it is either RealUI or RealUI-HR
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