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Even though phanx tends to come up a bit harsh sometimes, after reading through his comment i can honestly say, that he's only providing positive criticism here. The way phanx comes across to other people is just the way he is and getting worked up over it isn't really worth the time and effort.

That said, phanx is right, the placement of your addons is just, to put it blunt, hideous. The fact that you can play with it, thats specifically because its tailored to how you like the ui

to be honest, the first few UI's i've thrown together for myself, where aproximately the same, however, i feel like i can do more and better since i've started using elvui/decui, or any other compilation wich has the info i need/want but more or less more compact and easier on the eyes.

A few pointers at this point from my end:

1) put the unitframes closer together at a spot where you see them everytime you look at your screen in a glance.

As a hunter you need to see within a matter of seconds what the remaining HP of yourself, your enemy and your pet is. This way you can act to it quicker with feign death if yours is too low, or for example the talent that restores your pet full health (can't quite remember the name) when that one is getting too low.

2) raid frames, only healers benefit from having them in the center of the screen, as a hunter your not really benefiting from them, the only thing you need are the main tank windows for misdirect the only reason they could be beneficial is when most of the raid starts to die and you then can quickly decide to use feign death

3) Treathmeter, also at a spot where you can see within seconds if your getting too much aggro from a mob over the tank.

Try to keep it clean by putting addons where they are visible but not intrusive, i've leveled a hunter not too long ago, and to be honest, i had to use my freezing trap quite often in pandaria zones, due to mobs not always coming from exactly the same direction, its much easier to be able to shoot the trap withouth
having an addon or window in my way.

What i would try and advise, backup your current WTF and Interface folder, and install a compilation from wowinterface. See how people have put theirs together and work your way from there. You'll notice that most of the compilations here are aproximately the same in how their addon placement is.

Most of the addon placement is just a matter of getting used to, but the most important part is that no matter what compilation you have, they follow a somewhat basic rule: "all the needed information needed at a quick glance"

Last but not least, you have quite a "big" resolution, with the space you have, you can place most of it closer together and even then have a huge load of room left
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