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BloodyScreen, Renovation for MoP

Hello all!
New member to this forum, been on Curse for a while now and after a bunch of people complaining about this wonderful addon no longer being supported after 4.2... I attempted (key word there LOL) to go through the LUA's and Localization files to get this fantastic addon working again.
Many hours and frustrated keyboard smashes later, I am reaching out to see what I'm doing wrong!
Here we go;
The textures are still in .blp format so that shouldn't be a problem
There are no sound formats what-so ever to be replaced updated etc.
Upon going through the LUA files, I found the main problem was the arg's in "BS_Main"..
That being said, I spent a few days switching numbers around, trial and error, and eventually got some spatter on regular damage done. Seemed exciting, still not quite good enough. The addon is supposed to splatter blood on your screen when you critically strike.
I've hit a wall with progressive success on this addon, and my forehead can't take much more bashing into the keyboard! If anyone could take some time to look through the LUA's and point me in the right direction it would be very appreciated, and I know the 100k+ fans of this addon would be thrilled.
Thanks in advance for any advice or info,
Atsaya Sargeras Alliance US
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