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Originally Posted by Dridzt View Post
The amount of advert-related questions made this feel like a commissioned survey more than an academic one ...

Regardless, filled.
Same. Also, I felt like the setup of many of the questions was deceptive. For example, when you ask me 10 times in a row how I feel about in-game advertisements, and some of the questions are phrased as "Do you like it?" and others are phrased as "Do you hate it?" I feel like you're trying to trick me into checking the wrong box and accidentally saying I like advertising. Do you really need to ask the same question so many times in so many slightly different ways? The whole survey could have been shortened to probably 25% of its current length by removing all the duplicate questions.

I also got a little of the "all gamers are socially inept losers playing from mom's basement" feel that many of these surveys exude, what with being asked (several times) whether I play the game to escape from my real life. Why are most of the "why do you play the game" options negatives? I don't play the game to harrass other players or "make myself powerful" (to compensate for being weak and powerless IRL, I suppose is the implication there )... I play the game because I actually enjoy the game content and mechanics, and because I enjoy tinkering with the UI (though I accept that UI modding is outside the scope of your survey).
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