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The reason why the questions are the same is to measure the consistency of your answers and to know your not just box-checking everything in the same column. It is a check-up used by researchers and definitely not to make you like advertising, since it is your true opinion that matters. This preserves the validity of the results and it also the reason why the survey is quite lengthy.

I'm sorry the questions about the motivations of playing an MMORPG made you feel that way. Those questions are actually not my own but of another research that I used, once again to preserve the validity of the results since those questions are quite extensively tested. Those questions are used to test which kind of MMORPG-player you are. I, myself, play for the same reason as you, because I enjoy the game content (mostly I play RPG's as Final Fantasy).So I do not think all gamers fit the stereotypical image of the nerdy guy in his mothers basement. That would after al be an insult to myself
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