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I answered the survey. I would like to add there wasn't very much context to the questions, especially the advertising, but sometimes context was lacking in other areas.

For example, I generally dislike advertising in a game I would pay money to buy, or subscribe monthly. However, I understand the point that the ad as presented was meant to be obtrusive; a similar ad designed to graphically fit would be far more acceptable. Yes, even in a MMORPG.

I would hate seeing it, but an ad for some drink designed to fit with the graphic style, and up on the wall beside the inn could be done.

When I think of advertising, maybe because like everyone else, I see it all over sports arenas and race tracks, that seems a better place for a game version. Also, when you get into games like Call of Duty, if I were to wander through Brussels, Rome, or New York and did not see ads, that might be weird.

Further, any game that has advertisements means it is subsidized to an extent, just like product placements in a movie. That means the game's retail or ongoing cost should be reduced. Paying full price for a game that has ads everywhere is outright price gouging, if not stealing from a certain point of view.
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