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Originally Posted by Kreelor View Post
If the webmaster knew what he/she was doing, it could be done. It's not that hard to do. Many, many other websites do it as a common procedure, since it only makes sense to offer pertinent or important information first! Oh, well. There are many other bizarre issues I've found with wowinterface forums.
You could always suggest changes to Dolby and the Powers That Be over in the Site help, bugs, suggestions/questions forum.

Originally Posted by Kreelor View Post
Even the Carbonite section ("Change Log") on wowinterface has never been updated to reflect Rythal's "Live version." Wowinterface is still showing the most recent Change Log from version 5.1.6! It is defunct at this point! Does that mean that Rythal has done nothing since then?
The Change Logs are edited by the Author of the addons, not the site Admins.
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