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/run local t,s={[33170]='quest1',[33171]='quest2',[33172]='quest3',[33173]='quest4',[33174]='quest5'},'' for q,n in next,t do s=s..(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(q) and '\124cffff0000' or '\124cff00ff00')..n..'\124r, ' end print(s:sub(1,-3))
Or if you're really trying to save some space:

/run local t,s={'quest1',33170,'quest2',33171,'quest3',33172,'quest4',33173,'quest5',33174},'' for i=1,#t-1,2 do s=s..(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[i+1]) and '\124cffff0000' or '\124cff00ff00')..t[i]..'\124r, ' end print(s:sub(1,-3))

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