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Originally Posted by Resike View Post
Lua Code:
  1. Health:SetFrameLevel(10)
  2. Health.backdrop:SetFrameLevel(8)
  3. Power:SetFrameLevel(Health:GetFrameLevel() - 4)
  4. Power.backdrop:SetFrameLevel(Health:GetFrameLevel() - 6)

SetFrameLevel only supports numbers between 0-20 so you also need to make sure to not give it a smaller/bigger numbers.
I would also suggest to always use at leas 2 level diferrences between frames due a strata bug in the game, and also you might want to show something between that two frame layers.
Hi Resike,

I've tried your solution and seems like "Health.backdrop" edge is sent behind the "Power" and even "Power.backdrop"...

EDIT: Argggg.... nvm. there was another SetFrameLevel under "Power" and "Power.backdrop".

Everything is fine now

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