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Originally Posted by Fizzlemizz View Post
local f = CreateFrame("Statusbar")
f:SetSize(50, 50)
--f:GetStatusBarTexture():SetTexCoord(0, 1, 1, 0)
Start the game with the above code then un-comment the TexCoord line and /reloadui and the bag will be upside down.

Actually, looking at your setup you might want the x-axis flip from > to < rather than Y-axis which is from ^ to v. X-axis flip will make images "face" each other when placed side by side.
Yep... was X-axis flip not Y-axis flip haha...

And more about STATUSBAR, it is actually a media that is fetched from LibSharedMedia (LSM).

Lua Code:
  1. local STATUSBAR = LSM:Fetch("statusbar", "fer33");

So, instead of using this variable, I have set statusbar's texture with direct path like you just did, and SetTexCoord() worked on this.

Thus, I'm guessing that SetTexCoord() is not compatible with a media that is fetched from LSM.
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