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Originally Posted by Fizzlemizz View Post
If your texture widget didn't have a compatible image you would just see a bright green square. SetTexCoord is just adjusting the view into that image. If you flipped on the Y into a verticaly symmetrical image you wouldn't see any change.
Hi again, Fizzlemizz!

Here's screenshot of the texture shape that I used.

As you can see, the image isn't symmetrical vertically or even horizontally.

And like I mentioned on previous reply, if I set the texture with its direct path

Lua Code:
  1. frame:SetStatusBarTexture("Interface\\media\\textures\\statusbar.tga");

, Texture:SetTexCoord works perfectly.

However, if I get a path of media after fetching from LibSharedMedia

Lua Code:
  1. local STATUSBAR = LSM:Fetch("statusbar", "fer33");
  2. frame:SetStatusBarTexture(STATUSBAR);

, Texture:SetTexCoord starts not working D:

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