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Man, it's sad to see you go! I know this is hard & time consuming. I've always been amazed anyone would take so much time to work, and it IS work, on something for a bunch of strangers to have fun playing...while you worked day and night :-)

Thanks tons for all your effort, it is a great addon, and you've made it that. Always updating and getting it where it needed to be as the game changed over and over. My thanks to all the others who commit time and effort also. Those of us who can't do this owe you all a lot for making our play time so very much happier.

That said, I sure hope this addon keeps going somehow. It really truly does make my game time worthwhile. When I've had to play without it, the game became irritating to the point I would just log off and consider canceling. Seriously! This addon makes so many things Blizz mucked up, work the way they always should have.

So, good luck Rythal on your new freedom :-) I'll be checking back here for updates, and thanks in advance to anyone else who decides to help keep Carbonite alive! Crossing my fingers some amazing folks will step up when they can, and keep our gaming simple, fun, and functional thanks to Carbonite
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