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Just a question off topic.

Is this a acceptable way to store variables in an array? Going to have mulitple spellinfos in debuffs array and i want unitdebuff("raid1", debuffs) to look for any of those debuffs on the raid1 unit.

Lua Code:
  1. taintofthesea = GetSpellInfo(228054)
  2. TimeRelease = GetSpellInfo(219965)
  4. local debuffs = {taintofthesea, TimeRelease}
  5. local name, _, _, _, _, duration, expires = UnitDebuff("raid1", debuffs)

If this is the wrong way please help me just make the correct array : ).
What i want in short is to unitdebuff() to be searching the debuffs array for any of those debuffs on the raid1 unutid target.
best regards!
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