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How do I use UnitBuff now in 8.0?

Before 8.0 I used to use UnitBuff("player", "Summon Chauffeur") and
UnitBuff("player", "Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion") to check if my toon
is on a mount on which you cant enter a pet battle and have my toons
dismounted when the pb dialog pops up.

Since 8.0 I now get the error: "Usage: UnitBuff("unit", [index][, "filter"])"
And as I am a noob I have no idea what to and how to check now
if my toon sits on "Summon Chauffeur" or "Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion".

Any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

ps: any infos on what happend to the events
would also be very helpful. tia

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