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[Classic addon request] Instance lock out warning and timer.


Me like many other instance farmers with fast routes have at some point or another been locked out of the instance, and depending on how you reset your instance that might mean you getting teleported to your hearthstone location which can waste a lot of time.

Say for example you have just done 2 runs of BRD Arena, and then you get invited to a UBRS guild run where they ask you to go search for Jed. You don't find him in the first instance ID, and not the second either. Most people are not keeping a timer of situations like that, and being locked out can mean you will miss the run or the next one and your guild will have to replace you.

I think a lot of people would appreciate a addon that is capable of keeping track of your exact clear times inbetween resets aswell as giving you a warning when you are about to reset a dungeon that you are about to get locked out.

Additionally I think a addon like this could also branch out to show you historically how many times you've ran a certain dungeon, how much gold you've made, gold per hour, what items you've looted etc etc. But just the base functionality of keeping track of how many instance ID's you've been in and when you are safe to reset a dungeon would be really nice.

Thanks for reading!

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