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Nameplate/Personal Resource Bar Bug

Hi guys,

Getting this bug constantly where my personal resource display freaks out and splits up. Sometimes, the health portion of it disappears which is where I get LUI errors from my BugSack/BugGrabber. The following bug is only the first page of four:

3x ...eBlizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua:448: Action[FrameMeasurement] failed because[Can't measure restricted regions]: attempted from: <unnamed>:GetLeft().
[string "=[C]"]: in function `GetLeft'
[string "@Blizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua"]:448: in function `GetPreferredInsets'
[string "@Blizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua"]:138: in function `UpdateInsetsForType'
[string "@Blizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua"]:122: in function `ApplyFrameOptions'
[string "@Blizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua"]:93: in function `OnNamePlateAdded'
[string "@Blizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua"]:51: in function <...eBlizzard_NamePlates\Blizzard_NamePlates.lua:42>

(*temporary) = <unnamed> {
otherHealPrediction = <unnamed> {
b = 0
myHealAbsorbLeftShadow = <unnamed> {
border = <unnamed> {
background = <unnamed> {
overAbsorbGlow = <unnamed> {
barTexture = <unnamed> {
0 = <userdata>
r = 0.999998
totalAbsorb = <unnamed> {
myHealPrediction = <unnamed> {
g = 0
totalAbsorbOverlay = <unnamed> {
myHealAbsorbRightShadow = <unnamed> {
overHealAbsorbGlow = <unnamed> {
myHealAbsorb = <unnamed> {

I've attached a screenshot below of what it looks like. As you can see, my UI is quite vanilla, and the only Nameplate addon that I actually use is flyPlateBuffs, which is a buffs debuffs addon that hooks onto the native Blizzard Nameplates.

I am not sure if it is flyPlateBuffs that is causing this bug. I have my doubts because I have friends who also use this addon and do not experience such bugs. I am wondering what I can do to find out the cause for this bug. I would really appreciate some help as I have done literally everything I can to remedy this. I have reset deleted my WTF files, deleted and cleaned my Cache, Repaired through the Battle.net Client, even reinstalled the damn game. I would like to troubleshoot this issue. Thanks!

EDIT: I will happily post the other LUI bugs if necessary. However, I feel as though it is this original bug that causes a chain effect.
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